How To Get Cheap Auto Insurance Being a High Risk Driver?

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So you have a bad driving record? Don’t worry, there are still ways you can get cheap auto insurance. Before we help you can get low rates, consider being more cautious and obeying the speed limits, traffic signs and signals. Also remember to pay your bills on time as well, because your credit score also determines how much your auto insurance premiums will go up.

The first thing you can do being a high risk driving is consider reducing the amount of insurance you carry by driving a less expensive car. Having a less expensive car, you can reduce certain types of coverage such as comprehensive (which covers your vehicle, and sometimes other vehicles you may be driving for losses resulting from incidents other than collision, such as fire and flood) and collision (which covers damage to your car when your car hits, or is hit by, another vehicle or other object and pays to fix your vehicle). You can also decrease the amount of liability insurance as long as you carry the state minimum. However you should beware about decreasing the amount of liability insurance you carry if you own a lot of assets such as a home or business. Getting involved in a serious accident can put your assets in jeopardy if the damages exceed the liability coverage.

Some other information you should know is that insurance companies will not hold a grudge against your driving record. If you show them that you are a good driver for 3 years (not getting any more violations) your insurance rates will drop significantly. It’s also important to be upfront with your insurance company and not lie about your driving record and credit history. Most insurance companies have 60 days to investigate your background. If they find out you lied, they’ll most likely cancel your policy and you might even have a harder time finding insurance in the future.

And lastly, don’t forget to shop around! High-risk drivers, more then anyone should spend sometime shopping around for the cheapest auto insurance quote. Keep in mind there are many auto insurance companies out there who insure high-risk drivers, but might not give you the best price. So remember to shop around for the cheapest auto insurance quote!